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Of course Emma Wats*n is another white feminist who feels the need to say that Beyonce isn’t a feminist.

Whether or not we agree with her brand of ‘feminism’, we’ve still gotta protect her from this hate campaign because girls have to protect girls always. Nobody deserves this.

what the fuck well yeah obviously we have to protect her from that! doesn’t mean she can’t be called out on other #problematic behaviour though but NO one deserves a hate campaign or sexual threats.

She didn’t deny that Beyonce is a feminist. Read the article

oh my god I can’t deal with it this shit makes me so mad. w h y do we as women take any opportunity we can to tear down other women who are self-identified feminists and twist their words about something they didn’t even say?? god damn it I hate this so much. she didn’t say Beyoncé isn’t a real feminist she did not even come close to that. she was trying to engage with Beyoncé’s album critically as a piece of feminist artwork. whether being sexy/wearing skimpy clothes is empowering and having control of your sexuality OR if it’s presenting yourself in a way that specifically caters to the male gaze is like a fucking AGE-OLD paradox that so so so many people have struggled with besides Emma fucking Watson in the year 2014 and why is thinking about that and critiquing feminism a bad thing god………and there are actual woc feminists who have called Beyoncé a shitty feminist, such as bell hooks who literally called her an “anti-feminist terrorist!

why does this website aways think there’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to do feminism it’s so fucking TIRESOME

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Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

I want to see this movie.

one of the characters in this movie is wearing a dress that I own. it is from Target. 

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"well why is it even important to mention aromantic and asexual people all the time not everyone gets mention-"

because our entire culture is so deeply steeped in sex and romance and there’s millions of people who want none of one or the other or both and they need to be recognized and mentioned instead of made to feel like they don’t fit and they’re broken

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